Who are our young people

GP In The Midst serves middle and high school scholars throughout the New York tri-state area who reside within marginalized and underserved communities.

why we work

According to a report released by the education trust, there are currently 45 million americans collectively owe $1.7 trillion in student loan debt, with women accounting for nearly two-thirds of it.

across the u.s., black families are responsible for higher rates of student loan debt. black borrowers hold 30.2% of the country’s debt, owing roughly $30,000, compared to their white counterparts at 20% and owing an average of $23,000.

An individual with a doctoral or professional degree earns triple the amount of someone with a high school diploma or less, and those with a bachelor’s degree earn more than the median weekly earnings.

Our Approach

Through its unique approach called consultraining™ – sports performance training combined with athletic and academic consulting services – GP In the Midst, Inc. improves athletic skill and competency while exploring and exposing athletic and educational opportunities to scholar-athletes.


Through word-of-mouth by past and current participants, social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube), and our Guerilla Prince Athletics and Guerrilla Prince Consulting websites, we continuously engage with young people who lack access to the knowledge and resources that would guide them to pursue an independent school education.

Afterward, potential participants and their families have a 1:1 with our team, where we first communicate to them the value of their young people obtaining an independent school education and what the admission process would look like.


To best understand and cater to what types of training and needs each young person requires for athletic, academic, and professional advancement within our programming, we work with participants and create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that will act as a plan of execution throughout their time at GP In The Midst, Inc. Within this IDP – for our educational component – we match participants to the best available scholarships, tutoring, interview prep, counseling and other necessities they may need throughout the admissions process. For our athletic component, we expose participants to college-level training and promote injury prevention through various training modalities, including plyometrics, speed and agility training, endurance training, movement training (yoga), and massage. Additionally, we host clinics where we put our potential participants through an assessment and evaluation comparable to the types of training and resources they would be receiving over their time within our programming. Our clinics include:

  • Marketing clinics
  • Pro-style combine clinics
  • Jump start speed clinic
  • Booster clinics
  • Coaches clinics

Though each participant’s IDP is finalized before beginning our programming, they are updated in accordance with a young person’s progression and/or redirection, ensuring that our participants feel supported on the field, in the classroom, and at home, and remain on track to completion.


At this stage in our programming, we are helping each young person transition into a postsecondary educational pathway. GP In The Midst, Inc. works with each participant in order to determine the pathway that most aligns with their IDPs, connecting with admission offices and scheduling school visits, gathering required documents, preparing for interviews, and confirming test dates for a young person to attend, and we continue to work with a young person until they have been successfully enrolled.

Stories of our Youth

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