“Derrick immediately took on our son as a project and changed Qadeer’s approach to training, nutrition, competition and Qadeer literally grew up before our eyes. We always knew he had the potential and natural ability, but Derrick took him to the next level.”


father of in the midst graduate and d1 athlete QADEER MORGAN

the effects of our programming

H.S. DROPOUT $32,000 29%
H.S. GRADUATE $40,000 14% 23%
BACHELOR’S DEGREE $68,000 5% 36%
IN THE MIDST GRADUATE* $80,000 5% 78%

* In The Midst graduates, on average, go on to attend boarding school and later earn advanced degrees.


Over 14 Years of Success

“I met Coach Derrick Bell during the time Jaquan was playing youth football with an organization in the Bronx. Coach Derrick was always focusing on practice or the actual game. He is not very talkative except when it comes to the best interest of our youth. I had never experienced anyone speaking about minority children attending board school. I did some research on my own to have some knowledge about boarding school. Couple weeks later I approached the coach with questions; he was very knowledgeable on the subject. A few months later, under coach Derrick’s guidance, I started the process for Jaquan. We attended seminars to get more information; there were students that spoke about their experience attending boarding school. Jaquan’s grades weren’t good and his attitude was worse. Coach continued to send us to various seminars for Jaquan to learn how to set a table, to tie a tie and the proper way to enter a room. I thank God for putting Derrick Bell in our life. He is a man of principle, integrity and dignity. I am so grateful to Derrick Bell and his consultant staff for all they have done and continue to do. In two years, I will be entrusting him with Jaquan’s younger sister’s education. Good luck on your journey!”

Gail Covington,

Jaquan Cypress’s grandmother

“The first consultation with Guerrilla Prince Consulting was overwhelming to say the least but they were responsive and attentive to our son’s needs. That was the first thing we had to accept that this was a life changing event and his input was integral to the decision process. As we received our acceptance and declination letters we could get a better understanding about the decisions from the feedback Guerrilla Prince Consulting obtained directly from the school’s administration. As we narrowed our decision to our top three schools, they challenged us to justify our decisions with open discussions that required our son’s input. It was very difficult at first to wrap my head around the fact that my son was about to leave me to go five (5) hours away to school at age 15. As I visit him now, I am so happy we did this. He is so independent and mature. I can’t say that I don’t miss him, but when I see how happy he is, all I can do is smile. All the schools are great educationally, it’s a feeling, and you’ll know when it’s right. The process works. Thank you so much, Guerrilla Prince Consulting for all the attention to all our questions and concerns and for your constant presence in his life.”

Lance Morgan sr. & Mrs. Morgan

Parents of Lance Morgan Jr., who is currently a sophomore at Tilton Preparatory School in Tilton, NH

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